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Our Story

SVAR:ØG started in 2019 by me - Petra, on the core principals of my products being natural, sustainable and handcrafted with great love and attention to sustainability.

I remember, at the outset of starting this journey, when I was reading about different types of waxes being used to make candles that I knew I wanted to travel a more natural route so I decided to try soy wax, which is 100% natural. I began experimenting with essential oils (to scent my candles) as I have been using them at home for the past 20 years as I was always drawn to the natural environment for its powerful and healing properties. I remember visiting my family as a child in the most tranquil little village in central Europe. My family are from an agricultural background so I grew up helping them a lot around our fields and gardens, and this is where I developed my love for all things natural. Given that, when I was working on my candle line, I wanted to include my experiences and memories in my products.

Over the years, I slowly drifted away from all these lovely experiences & routines that were part of my life for so many years. I moved to London in my early 20s and the business and speed of London took priority. In 2019 I started to suffer from health issues as a result of being very unhappy in my day job and the pace of city life. I missed nature and being able to connect with it. I missed the fresh air and sound of leaves when they’re washed away with the wind. I missed the slow life. I often found myself thinking this can’t be it, surely we’re meant to live to our full potential as happy as we possibly can be. So I was trying to find a way forward, but what really helped me was focusing on my personal development. I decided to focus purely on myself and my health that year. I signed up to yoga classes and completed a reiki course. That led me to understanding how important meditation is and aromatherapy came hand in hand with that. In September 2019 I challenged myself to create my first ever candle using essential oils and I soon realised I found something I was enjoying so much, I wanted to share it with other people. Candle making and aromatherapy not only helped me to reconnect with myself but it helped me to reconnect with others.

I embraced my personal connection to nature and the Nordic concept of Hygge, and I designed products that are not only kind to nature, but great for people’s homes where they create that little moment of feeling cosy.

Believing in myself and my products led to the launching of the SVAR:ØG online shop in February 2020. I’d have never dreamt of swapping my photography career for candle making, but SVAR:ØG took off so early on the journey that I was able to leave my full-time job in October 2020. And I’ve never looked back since!

With the simple act of lighting a candle, I hope my products bring you those much-loved feelings of cosiness and help you find the balance in your everyday life.